Monday, October 6, 2008

Two more days, two more days~~~

So I finally settled the confusion of getting back my security from my building. Since it kind of requires to let the evils from the apt know that I'm leaving on Wednesday, I emailed them about it and they can look for a new roommate. They were pretending that they were shock but one of them actually have the gut to ask me to join the search of a new roommate. I told them plain no, ain't my problem and I'm walking away. I'm losing almost 2 grand to avoid these morons and they think that I should help them in any ways? Is my head not clear or theirs?

When one of your roommates hasn't been talking to you for more than two weeks, and you've been ignoring her the same amount of time, you'd know that she probably hates you or you hate her. It's plain simple. Especially one gave the other hell about nothing. Honestly, I didn't hate them that much until they try to squeeze me out and blamed everything on me. I just had a hard time to come to the realization that there are evils out there and there's no way to avoid them but move away from them. Everyone knows how they treat others. They should expect that's how they are going to be treated by that person with that standard. That's that. The faux concern is just disgusting.

Now let's just wait for the new life to start!

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