Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CVS June 14th 2011

I picked the wrong toothbrushes so made the whole transaction turn to an annoying experience. However, seem I made money on this transaction so I didn't lose much :)

(4) Orbit Gum $1.49 B1G1 = $2.98
(2) Oral B Cross Action Pro-Health Toothbrushes $4.99 This is the mistake that I made created the whole chaos
Hydro 5 $8 Didn't ring up as that but had the clerk fixed it
-Used $4 off $20
-6.50 ECB
-(2) $1/2 Orbit Gum
-$4 Schick Hydro
-$3.99 Off B1G1 Cross Action Toothbrush which the coupon had to be marked down
Subtotal $0.47 Tax $1.51
Total $1.98 HOWEVER, the Crest 5 ECB didn't print out so I demanded the coupon back so I can go for another model of the toothbrush. The clerk refused but refund me the original price of the (2) toothbrushes =$10.87 including tax. So the $1.98 went right back to my CC and she put the rest $8.89 to a CVS money card.
So my total is ZERO PLUS 4+1 (Green Tag) ECBs PLUS $8.89 on a CVS money card. A GREAT mistake after all even though I lost the B1G1 Oral B toothbrush coupon :D.

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