Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad luck continues??

I've always been a good luck person. Nothing really great would happen to me but everything usually goes smoothly and I don't have to worry or work things out often. However, this past year and continuing this year are probably the worst in my life. (I think it all started after the summer. So it's only been half a year so far.) First is the Evils from the old apartment. Then the chemical mixed up at work. Now the new apartment I suppose to move in in two weeks may not be available in two weeks. WHAT THE HACK??? Grow-up sucks and I'm quite sick of it. I continue to think if I got curse or something. Seriously, other people might think this is not that bad but trust me. As a good luck, green house baby as ME, it's pretty bad. Or maybe I'm just too spoiled and cannot deal with any obstacles. Hopefully, the Chinese New Year would come and rescue me from the bad luck year!

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